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Love Light Honorees

2013 Colquitt Regional Medical Foundation Love Lights

Colquitt Regional Medical Foundation appreciates the many donations to the Love Light in 2013.  Donations go to the Children’s Fund to improve pediatric, nursery and OB services. Below is the list of those generous donors and those being honored or remembered.


Revised: 12/3/2014

Special Care Lights

Tommy Willis *

Jacob Sutton*

                        By Meghan & Brooke Lovett

Tommy Willis *

                        By Chrystal Vickers

Morgan & Courtney Gilbert

                        By Nicole Gilbert

Suzie Lowry

Diane & Jim Lowry

                        By The Gilbert Girls

Peggy Bridges

Bernard Bridges, Sr. *

Wally Bridges*

Marianne & Jared Bridges

Marilee & Jonathan Bridges

Carter & Emma Bridges

Lana Everett

Carrie Varnadoe

Carolyn & Charles Everett *

John Everett *

                        By Beth & Cliff Bridges

Hank Reid*

Rondle Phillips*

                        By Donna Parker

Rondle Phillips*

                        By Barbara Gibson

Savanna McMillian

                        By Amy and Michael Williams

Payton Williams

                        By Amy and Michael Williams

Jesse Croy*

Jacey Croy*

                        By Judy and Randall Croy






Love Lights

Arlis and Wallace Hanson*

                        By Melanie Doppenberg

Paul Harland Norris*

                        By Amy and Michael Williams

Betty Magill*

Geraldine Brown-Smith*

                        By Wendy N. Brown


Star Light


Super Star Lights

Mackenzie Blain

Jessie Blair

                              By Ralph and Shari Dorminey


Kate Jeter Serenity Garden Brick pavers of 2014:

Clarence E. Arnold, Sr. *

Frannie Zela York Bates*

Amos Bell*

Rebecca Butler*

Luther B. Dean*

Luther Cleve Dean*

Elbert Gentry, Jr. *

Vearle Gentry*

Ira L. Harper*

Nanie Lou Harper*

Alton Howard*

Larry Jenkins*

Teresa Henry Johnson*

Diane Karman*

Harold Ladson*

Ray McMullen*

Darwin Jerome Morrow*

Lawrence Plymel*

Clinton Payton Powell*

Irene Robinson*

Juanita Pearl Bennett Souders*

Sonja Strange*

Larry Tomlinson*

Patricia Tomlinson*

Tommy Willis*

                              By Colquitt Regional Employees

Kathleen Brumley*

Frances Crosby*

Mary Pass Sims*

Dorothy Spruill*

Stanford Spruill*

                        By Colquitt Regional Volunteer Auxiliary

William David Harrell*

                              By Gail and Terry Sparkman

Rick Layfield*

                              By Karen Hart

Elizabeth Price*

                              By Nancy and Steve Kautzman

Jacie Johns

Jordan Johns      

Scott & Dawn Johns

                              By Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johns

Terry Sparkman

                              By Gail Sparkman

Lily Watson

Lucy Watson

                              By Emily and Sam Watson

Barbara Bunn Vereen*

                              By Barbara Peoples

Dr. AJ “Whit” Whiddon*

                              By Beth and Cliff Bridges

James Robert Loome*

                              By Jennie and Ben Marion

Mildred & Donald Kidder*

                              By Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Kidder

Bill Lyons*

Jerry Girard*

                              By Diane and Jim Lowry

James E. Jennings*

                              By Marilyn and Frank Harrison

Barbara Ginsberg*

                        By Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Ginsberg


* Indicates gift was made in memory of that loved one.