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Love Light Honorees

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2013 Colquitt Regional Medical Foundation Love Lights

Colquitt Regional Medical Foundation appreciates the many donations to the Love Light in 2013.  Donations go to the Children’s Fund to improve pediatric, nursery and OB services. Below is the list of those generous donors and those being honored or remembered.


Revised: 12/23/2013

Special Care Light

Jacob Sutton

Jeremy Sutton

Rachel & Jason Sutton

Owen Sutton

            By Ellen & James Sutton

Jonathan Hembree

Rebecca Hembree

Jacob Sutton

            By Regina and Ricky Hembree

Suzie Lowry

Diane & Jim Lowry

            By Nicole, Morgan & Courtney

Jacey Croy

Jesse Croy

            By Judy & Randall Croy

Jesse Bowles

            By Avery and Ada James Norman

Kate Jeter

Richard Aycock

Gene Megahee

Anna Lewis Norman

Connie Crawford

Wylene Adragna

Ruth Burroughs

Agatha Smith

Dede Megahee

Hugh Norman

Clarence and Kathryn Lowe

Kirby and Joyce Carlton

Bill and Jan McLean

            By Lynda and John Norman

Linda Mercer GilesV

Paul and Mildred Truett Mercer

            By Marsha Mercer Mims

Jan and Gary Boley

Dawn Johns and Family

            By Nicole Gilbert

Tracy Bridges

Jacob Spencer Sutton

            By Susan Blanton

Brayden Johnson

Jayley Kate Johnson

Reese Johnson

Ragan Johnson

Rylan Howell

            Paula and Lennon Howell

Olivia Jewel Underwood

Elle Marie Mobley

Jo Brynn Vines

Drake Dixon Rye

Paxton Jack Anderson

Jacob Davis Mobley

            By Moultrie Junior Women’s Club

Jimmy Zinker

Brooke A. Zinker

Jannah M. Zinker

Kristen N. Zinker

            By Dena Zinker


Love Light

Beverly & D.W. Adcock

            By Ellen & James Sutton

Ann Boring Booth

Elizabeth Gay Dykes

Paul Forrest Partin

Marshall Brantley Hancock

            By Myra and Jimmy Dykes

Jacob Spencer Sutton

            By Meghan & Brooke Lovett

Betty Magill

            By Wendy Brown

Wally Bridges

            By Beth and Cliff Bridges

Jacob Spencer Sutton

            By Robbye, Charles and Nick Hodges

Joanne Ausley

Georgia Joiner

Willie Joiner

Gennie James

Susie Mobley

            By Barbara and Isaac James

Arlis Hanson

            By Melanie Doppenberg

Rex Boatwright

            By Nancy Kudela

Stayce Williams

Lois Norris

            By Ken and Elizabeth Jarvis

Mary Holt Statum

            By Farolyn and Patrick Mobley

Guy Privett

Tommy and Delois Crews

            By Dena Zinker


Star Light

Paul Forrest Partin

            By Shanda & Martin Hurst

Mr. and Mrs. John Mobley

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Saunders

            By Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mobley, Matt & Genna, Tyler and Daniel

Mr. Tommy Ethridge

            By Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mobley and family

Carolyn and Charles Everett

Peggy C. Bridges

Bernard Bridges, Sr.

            By Beth and Cliff Bridges

Casey Allen

Jack Walker

Tucker Walker

Jake Walker

Jackson Walker

Wyatt Walker

            By Cindy and Tony Lasseter

Kimberly Faith Kilgore

            Chamagne DeSalvo

Karen Hart

Harold Ivey

            By Mitzi and Donnie Weeks

Cliffe Lane Gort

Dr. Williams “Bill” Garoni

            By Madis Spires


Super Star Light

Elle Marie Mobley

Olivia Mae Mobley

            By Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mobley, Matt & Genna, Tyler and Daniel

Laverne Tucker

Leaughn “Bonnie” Tucker

            By Cindy and Tony Lasseter

John and Connie Mobley

            By Farolyn and Patrick Mobley

Mackenzie and Jessie Blair

            By Shari and Ralph Dorminey